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Real Estate Videography in Tulsa

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Wick Media is the top real estate videography company in Tulsa, Ok. Read the full article to see why!

Tulsa Real Estate Videographer

There are so many real estate companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There is a wide amount of real estate media companies in Tulsa, OK. many of them provide the same services such as real estate photography, 3D scans, and next day delivery. Not all real estate companies offer videography services. Some social real estate media companies offer video services but have to outsource their work, meaning the realtor pays more. Fotunatley, Wick Media specializes in real estate videography. We offer real estate photography services as well, but video is our bread and butter. The top real estate videography company in Tulsa is Wick Media Stories owned by Christian McPherson.

Reasons for Real Estate videography

Many realtors can sell their home with photos. That is a fact. however, in todays world with social media, TikTok & reels, photos DO NOT see the time of day or get pushed on the algorithm. If you are looking to grow any business you need to grow your online presence, and one of the top ways to do that is through social media. Consistency with posting is key, but posting photos won't cut it. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are all pushing reels, hence, having real estate videography is necessary. The algorithm will push your content out far if you are consistently posting reels. If you want brand awareness online and a strong online presence, hire us to film your next listing. With that said, if you are interested and looking for a professional real estate videographer, Wick Media Stories is definitely what you are searching for.

We offer so many different type of videography services. The reason why is becuase we love to tell stories! Our goal is to help your business thrive by telling the story that will attract loyal customers to your brand. With experience in commercial videography, wedding videography, real estate videography, music videos, shortfalls, documentaries, and films, we have a plethora of experience in the industry.Looking for a trustworthy videographer in Tulsa, OK with experience and high quality production? Let's work together to day! Reach out at

Real Estate Videography Gear

When is comes to filming a house, there are several pieces of camera gear needed. The first is you need a quality camera. I would recommend a camera with low light capabilities because often times you are filming a house with poor lighting. Usually you try to open the window blinds to let more light in. I recommend the Sony A7SIII because of the incredible resolution and lowlight capabilities. This is an expensive camera, but its worth the investment. Second you need a wide angle lens, preferably a 14-20mm focal length for video. You can buy a zoom or prime lens within this range, but you should be fine with either one. If doing specifically photography, I would recommend 14-16mm. Last is a gimbal, you need smooth shots!

Wick Media is the Top Real Estate Videographer in Tulsa

Christian is the owner and cinematographer of Wick Media. He has been able to work on an array of video projects and know what you need to help you grow! Real Estate is always an investment, but it wields huge returns. Investing into your listing may seems like a stretch at times, but coming away from a closed deal with a greater following is a win-win that will help you continue to grow. Let's work together today! You can find my work at and also book online at your convenience.

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