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Tulsa Commercial Videography

Wick Media was recently hired by Tulsa Area United Way to film 2 commercials for their thank you dinner. This dinner is a thank you to all the top donors in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa Videography

I started my company, Wick Media, a few years ago, and last year I was able to go full-time in my video production business. Along the way, I was able to intern at the Tulsa Area United Way for a season and enjoyed my time there. I was able to be a part of a team that raised over $26 million for the community, and I’m very proud of that. I kept in touch with the Tulsa Area United Way and have been able to work with them on various video projects. I recently was hired in January 2023 to film two commercials for their top donor event.

Tulsa Videographer

The premise of this commercial video shoot was to interview two top donors and two of the 59 partner agencies that the Tulsa area United Way supports. We worked with Williams, Street school, the Tulsa international airport and global Gardens. It was a pleasure meeting everyone involved in helping the community. The donors from the companies that we interviewed were so ecstatic about the large amount that their company had raised to help these local 59 partner agencies. On the receiving end, we had representatives from Street School and Global Garden’s to tell their story of success, because of the impact these agencies had on their lives. It was powerful to be able to tell their story through video, and we cannot wait to see the finished product.

Best Videographer in Tulsa

Over the years, Wick Media has acquired all the video gear necessary to make any video production happen. For this specific video shoot, we used the Sony a7S3, black magic 4K pocket cinema camera, Rokinon cinema lenses, sigma, 24–70 mm lens , RGB, light panels, soft box lighting, audio technica shotgun, boom microphone, boom stand, XLR, cables and accessories, Ronan gimbal, and much more camera gear. For the first interview, we started in the morning at street school and interviewed an executive from the Tulsa International in Airport, CEO of street school, united way representative at the Tulsa international airport and a Street School student. The awesome part of the story is that the street school student wanted to become a pilot, so there was an amazing connection there. At the second location, we filmed at an elementary school in Tulsa Oklahoma and filmed in a global Gardens classroom. We interviewed a team member from Williams, a graduate of global Gardens, and current students within the global garden program. Stories like these are why Wick Media films commercials, and tells captivating stories. We love to share stories that share impact that empower people to take action.

Why Hire Wick Media to Film your Commercial?

Christian McPherson, owner of Wick Media, is a talented videographer. Wick Media has experience in commercial videography, real estate videography, wedding, videography, and music videography. Not only does Wick Media excel in videography, we write, produce and film films. You can hire a videographer, but Wick Media will exceed your expectations. Every commercial we film has a unique angle specifically tailored to the story and brand we are working with. So if you are looking for a commercial videographer, let’s chat today at

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