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PORTRAIT Commercial


PORTRAIT Commercial

PORTRAIT is a nation-wide tech company that helps aesthetic nurses start their own brands. They help with every aspect from legal to building, from tech to branding. This is a testimonial video that showcases the story of Stacey starting her own aesthetic company with the help of PORTRAIT in Tulsa, OK.

The Project

The ask for this project was to creat e stunning testimonial video of Stacey working with PORTRAIT to start her own company. Within this project there is the full testimonial video alon with reels and hi-res photos to help with posting and brand awareness on social media.

The Result

The resluts of this project are one testimonial video in 3 different sizes for various social media platforms, several reels and hi-res photos. This package was abale to supply PORTRAIT with valuable content to help market to future providers. PORTRAIT has gained several provider partners from this content.


Wonder how this video was created? 

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